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Bivocom Helps to Monitor Storage Tank of Liquid CO2

What is liquid carbon Dioxide? Liquid carbon dioxide is carbon dioxide gas that is highly compressed and cooled to a liquid form.   What is liquid carbon dioxide used for? Liquid CO2 has been used in many industries, including Food and beverage industry, Water treatment industry, Metal fabrication, Nurseries, Pulp and paper industry.   How liquid […]
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Industrial Area VOC Monitor and Alarm Solution

Bivocom 4G MQTT modem TD210 helps the Environment Department to monitor VOC(Volatile organic compounds) in the industrial area. TD210 is an industrial MCU built-in cellular modem that provides robust and reliable 4G/3G connectivity, capable of converting Modbus to JSON and transfer the data over MQTT.
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MQTT/Modbus Master firmware released on TD210

March 1, 2020, Xiamen China, Bivocom, a global leading wireless solution provider for IoT and M2M applications, has released its new firmware version 1.04 for industrial cellular modem TD210 to support MQTT and Modbus Master. What makes that different from standard firmware version? The standard firmware on TD210 supports transparent data transmission over TCP/UDP/IP protocols, […]
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Bivocom TD210 used for HVAC monitoring

HVAC remote monitoring and control solution

The HVAC(Heating, ventilation and air conditioning ) system has been widely used for residential and commercial areas worldwide. So the energy companies need a solution to remote monitoring the status of HVAC system to ensure the operation running well, as well as remote control the HVAC anytime and anywhere. With the technology of 4G/3G/GPRS cellular […]
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Bivocom TD210 used for water flow

Bivocom helps to protect the environment and healthy

We’re not just a product manufacturer, we help people to care their environment and healthy! We’re so glad to see that Bivocom’s cellular modem TD210 series has been used for water flow and quality remote real time monitoring system to protect the environment as well as people’s healthy.    
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