HVAC remote monitoring and control solution

The HVAC(Heating, ventilation and air conditioning ) system has been widely used for residential and commercial areas worldwide. So the energy companies need a solution to remote monitoring the status of HVAC system to ensure the operation running well, as well as remote control the HVAC anytime and anywhere. With the technology of 4G/3G/GPRS cellular and APP, remote monitoring and control the HVAC system become more convenient.

Bivocom helps the energy company to establish an internet connection tunnel between the field sensors/PLC and server by using Bivocom’s cellular modem, gateway, router or RTU(depends on customers’ sensors and requirements), which has rich interfaces, such as, RS232/RS485, Ethernet ports, I/O, etc., with industrial grade high quality solutions and multi-layer software detection and hardware protection mechanism to ensure reliability and stability of the device, as well as the connectivity, which enable the energy company seamless real time monitoring the operation, status, temperature, humidity, etc., and remote control and scheduled switch on/off the HVAC system.

Below is a heating supply system using Bivocom TD210.

Bivocom TD210 used for HVAC monitoring
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