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What is a Remote Terminal Units (RTU)?

What is RTU? RTU stands for Remote Terminal Units, are devices used in industrial automation and control systems to monitor and control remote equipment and processes. RTU plays a crucial role in supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.   RTUs are typically located in remote or hazardous environments, where they collect data from sensors and devices, […]
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How to Setup VXLAN?

Communication mode of VXLAN (1) Routing mode: Communication between different network segments  End to End communication: The two end devices establish a direct VXLAN tunnel, through which all data traffic is transmitted. The subnets on both devices form a unified Layer 2 subnet.   Multiterminal forward communication: The objective is to establish a VXLAN tunnel […]
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What is VXLAN? And its role in IoT?

What is VXLAN? VXLAN, which stands for Virtual Extensible LAN, is a network virtualization technology that allows the creation of virtualized Layer 2 networks over an existing Layer 3 infrastructure. It was developed to address the scalability limitations of traditional VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks) in large-scale data center environments.   VXLAN encapsulates Layer 2 […]
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MIPS, ARM and X86

Cons and Pros of MIPS, ARM and x86 in IIoT Industry

This article tells you what is MIPS, ARM and x86, their differences, as well as advantages and disadvantages of them for IIoT industry, and their usage for IoT routers.   What is MIPS? MIPS or Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipelined Stages, is a reduced instruction set computing (RISC) architecture developed by MIPS Technologies, Inc. MIPS processors […]
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TR321 diagram

How to Transfer the Data from RTU to IoT Router?

How to transfer the data from your field RTU to an IoT Router via RS232/RS485 transmission mode or MQTT mdoe?  This article may help you. Example: Below are questions from a customer who wants to upgrade its field RTU data to cloud by using a 4G IoT router.   I have a question to ask […]
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Bivocom IoT and RFID Technology Empowers Irrigation

Bivocom’s customized RTU TJ710 has been used for the irrigation of agriculture in Xinjiang, China. TJ710 is a 4G RTU with rich I/O and RFID enabled, allows the water department to remote monitor and control the status of water usage and operation of the pump, and farmer can use an RFID card to pay for […]
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TY511 for Water Level Monitor&Alarm

There are many cities surrounding by rivers or lakes, and it makes our city more beautiful, however, it may also bring us floods. But we can set up a monitor and alarm system to reduce the risk of damage by using 4G and IoT technology. Check below pictures to see how Bivocom TY511 RTU helps […]
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bivocom rtu used for agriculture pump station

4G RTU for smart agriculture

Bivocom 4G RTU has been used for pump station for agriculture, it brings the farmer convienience of getting water for their farming, meanwhile, it helps the water department to remote monitor the usage of water and control the pump, it’s a great solution for water management, which also helps us to save the water for […]
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