IoT-based Shared Umbrella Monitoring Solution


With the popularity of the shared economy, the shared umbrella become more and more popular. Umbrella rental is a service that allows people to rent umbrellas for temporary use. These services are typically available in urban areas where people cannot access umbrellas during unexpected rain showers.


Therefore, this can be a convenient option for people who do not want to carry their own umbrellas around with them all day but still want to stay dry during unexpected rain showers. There are shared umbrellas in public places such as hotels, restaurants, and other establishments where people may need temporary protection from the rain.

Shared umbrella

Problems Analysis

Shared umbrellas are an emerging phenomenon, but the general public lacks basic awareness in terms of usage and maintenance, leading to a series of negative behaviors such as damaging the umbrella, destroying the mechanical lock, and indiscriminate throwing and placing, with the goal of privatizing shared umbrellas.


Technologically, shared umbrellas lack barriers to entry. The low technological threshold of shared umbrellas, easily damaged mechanical locks, and easily unlocked passwords can lead to a large number of products being lost or used for free by people, causing unnecessary economic losses to the enterprise.


Improper management of shared umbrellas can lead to indiscriminate throwing and placing when borrowing and returning umbrellas, making them vulnerable to human destruction.


System Solutions

Considering these issues, Bivocom’s Intelligent shared umbrella solution can address them.


In this solution, sensing devices are connected to Bivocom RTU/ router, which is then linked to the Bivocom cloud monitoring platform, forming a monitoring and control system. Specifically, this system consists of three layers, which are sensing layer, transmission layer, and platform layer.


There are several sensors in the shared umbrella cabinet to monitor the status of umbrellas, like umbrella quantity sensor, cabinet door sensor, RFID reader, camera, etc. And these sensors connect to Bivocom RTU/router. Then, all the monitoring data are transferred to Bivocom cloud monitoring center through the 5G/4G/LTE-M/NB-IoT, wired, wireless, WiFi, and other methods. In this way, management personnel can monitor the shared umbrella cabinet and control it remotely through PC or APP.

System solution


  1. Convenience

Umbrella rental services are often located near popular tourist destinations or public transportation hubs, making it easy for people to access them when needed.


  1. Save labor

The traditional convenient umbrella rental method involves manual lending and returning, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. It requires staff to register borrowing and return information, increasing labor costs. However, adding smart umbrella vending machines with docks in an unmanned mode can save more labor.


  1. Sustainable

Umbrella rental services can help reduce waste by providing a shared resource that many people can use instead of each person purchasing their own umbrella.

  1. Space-saving

Renting an umbrella means that you don’t have to carry it around with you all day, freeing up space in your bag or backpack.


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