Bivocom’s NB-IoT Router Selected for Smart Meter in Singapore

Bivocom’s NB-IoT Router TR321-M has been selected for smart meter reading in Singapore. The application is to measure electricity consumption from different sites including edge controller of car park, lift monitoring box, lift machine room, people counting system of residential housing and shopping mall. The idea of this application is to use the NB-IoT technology to bring businesses and households a smart IoT solution which enable them to reap greater benefits from consumption data and widely connected network.


Bivocom NB-IoT Router TR321-M


TR321-M is an OpenWrt based Linux OS industrial LTE CAT M1/NB-IoT IoT router, which provides C/C++, Python programmable embedded environment for IoT developers and programmers to implement their industrial applications in a flexible and fast way.


TR321-M provides dual mode LTE-M/NB-IoT for applications that require different data throughput. Besides, it back supports EDGE/GPRS, which ensures your application can be widely covered by different cellular network. TR321 has 2-RJ45, 1- RS232, 1-RS485, and it is perfect for connecting the ethernet IP and serial port devices to cloud via cellular network. Besides, its auto switchover between wireless and wired WAN, multiple VPN features provide robust and secure connectivity for data transmission.


TR321-M has been widely used for industrial application, such as meter reading, HVAC, solar panel, etc.


Success Case-Smart Meter Using Bivocom TR321-M Onsite

The smart power meter is to use Bivocom NB-IoT Router TR321-M to connect to Schneider’s EasyLogic PM2230 Power & Energy meter via RS485, collecting the data with Modbus RTU protocol and transfer the data to customer’s MQTT cloud IoT platform.








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