Hardware Version Change Notice

Dear Valued Global Partners,


Due to parts of chipsets EOL (end of life), upgrades and longer lead time from some chipset suppliers, and in order to ensure partners can continuously get high-quality products and services from Bivocom, to meet your project installation needs, Bivocom plans to change and upgrade the hardware version from A1 to B1 of below models from Oct 1, 2022.


Bivocom will gradually stop the production, firmware upgrade and customization service of version A1 after running out the stock of components and PCB, and any new customized hardware and firmware requirements will be based on the new hardware version B1, we suggest you start to use the new hardware version for new project installation. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Bivocom sales engineer.



Product Series Product


Upgrade Date Existing Hardware Version New Hardware Version Hardware Interface Change
TG501 RTU Already updated on June 1, 2022 A1 B1 NO
TY511 RTU A1 B1 NO
TD210 DTU  


Oct 1, 2022

A1 B1 RS232&RS485 can be used simultaneously, additional RS232 for debug
TW810 DTU A1 B1
TR321 Router A1 B1 NO
TR341 Router A1 B1 NO


Firmware Change Notes:

  1. Firmware of different hardware versions are incompatible.
  2. The product functionalities of standard firmware for the new hardware version B1 remain same as existing version A1.
  3. The customized firmware of the hardware version A1 can be migrated to the version B1 via firmware migration, and Bivocom will provide free service for it.


Special thanks to our partners for participating in the global test of new hardware and firmware versions, and giving us valuable suggestions for improvement and optimization, so that the new hardware version can be successfully launched on time. Bivocom will continue to work with global partners to build a “smart world” together!


Thank you for your attention and support!



Xiamen Bivocom Technologies Co., Ltd.

August 1, 2022

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