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shared umbrella system

IoT-based Shared Umbrella Monitoring Solution

Background With the popularity of the shared economy, the shared umbrella become more and more popular. Umbrella rental is a service that allows people to rent umbrellas for temporary use. These services are typically available in urban areas where people cannot access umbrellas during unexpected rain showers.   Therefore, this can be a convenient option […]
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IoT-based Monitoring Solution for River and Lake

Background River and lake ecological flow is the basis for maintaining the structure and function of ecosystems. And the quality and stability of the ecological system of rivers and lakes are improved by enhancing their ecological flow. In recent years, various disturbances such as social water cycle pumping, sewage discharge, dam construction, embankment repair, and […]
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IoT-based Water Quality Monitoring Solution in Industrial Park

Background As an important developed method, the industrial park develops quickly. However, there are a large number of industrial enterprises in the industrial park, whose daily water consumption and sewage discharge are huge. And there are many kinds of pollutants, and polluted water is difficult to recover. Therefore, it is imperative to control water quality […]
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