IoT-based Intelligent Monitoring Solution for Medical Equipment


With the popularization and promotion of the Internet of Things(IoT), IoT technology has been more widely used in the medical industry. In the daily diagnosis and treatment work of hospitals, stable and fault-free operation of medical equipment such as CT, ventilators, monitors, infusion pumps, MRI machines, DR systems, and frequency X-ray machines has an important impact on hospitals and patients. During long-term use, medical equipment is inevitably affected by factors such as environmental temperature and humidity, component wear and tear, and power supply, which can affect the equipment’s operating status and technical indicators. Once equipment fails, it will not only damage the reputation and efficiency of the hospital but also bring incalculable risks and hidden dangers to patients’ conditions.


To ensure the efficient and stable operation of large medical equipment, Bivocom independently developed an easy-to-deploy, strong-function 5G gateway TG453 and a remote quality inspection solution for IoT-based medical equipment monitoring. Under the digital empowerment of the 5G gateway TG453, Bivocom remote quality inspection solution for medical equipment can realize multiple functions such as remote operation status monitoring, real-time alarm notification, online fault diagnosis and analysis, remote fault location, fault log diagnosis, and consumables usage status, thereby improving the utilization rate of medical equipment and reducing maintenance costs.

medical monitoring solution TG453

Pain Points Analysis

High cost and low efficiency: The manual inspection method is inefficient and slow, making it difficult to achieve the goal of cost reduction and efficiency improvement.


Delayed risk warning: Manual sampling cannot cover the entire sample, making it difficult to discover problems and causing delayed risk warnings.


Non-uniform inspection standards: Affected by subjective factors of inspectors, it is difficult to make fair and just judgments.


Overview of the Solution

Bivocom remote quality inspection solution for medical equipment mainly uses the industrial 5G gigabit IoT gateway TG453 to connect with various types of medical equipment through its rich interfaces, and real-time monitoring and collecting the temperature and humidity, smoke detection status, power supply, and operating status of the environment where the equipment is located. It uses 5G high-speed network to transmit data to the medical equipment monitoring platform. The monitoring platform adopts a multi-level deployment method to uniformly monitor and maintain various levels of medical equipment. Once medical equipment has a fault problem, the platform can simultaneously use the remote diagnostic and location functions of the industrial 5G gateway TG453 to make deployment arrangements for medical equipment that needs timely maintenance. In addition, management personnel can check the situation of medical equipment in real-time through APP, without being confined to the machine room, making the operation and maintenance more flexible and efficient.

over view of the medical equipment monitoring solution

Solution Features

  1. 5G Private Network

Using the high-speed rate, large bandwidth, and low latency of 5G to build an IoT of medical devices within the hospital, organically connecting massive medical devices in the hospital, and ensuring the secure transmission of data through multiple network security protection mechanisms.

functions 1
  1. Information Management

Combined with the operational data and business data of medical equipment, realizing information-based management of the operating status of all medical equipment, and optimizing equipment operating parameters and management processes through analysis and comparison of various data.

functions 2
  1. Fault Warning

Supporting remote predictive analysis of faults, issuing warning signals for possible faults, improving equipment efficiency, reducing maintenance costs, and ensuring the safe and stable operation of equipment.


  1. Remote Control

Remote operating instructions can be given for turning on/off medical equipment, starting/stopping, modifying device parameters, and encrypting device control.

functions 4

Solution Advantages

Through the warning and forecasting function, the reliability of medical equipment can be improved, and potential equipment failures can be accurately predicted.


Improving the digital management capability of medical equipment can achieve full automation operation without human supervision.


Real-time online collection of relevant data of medical equipment, and visually and digitally sending it to the monitoring center, which is conducive to management personnel starting corresponding management plans based on the data, effectively improving management efficiency.

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