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How IoT Helps to Transform the Solar Power System?

Solar Power is one of the green and renewable energies that has been widely used by energy companies worldwide to generate electricity for residential, commercial and industrial users. With the fast-growing deployment of Solar Power System globally, especially, countries like China, Japan, USA, Germany, India, Italy, UK, Australia, France and South Korea, the IoT technology […]
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Bivocom IP65 Router RTU 1

TR321 IoT Router with IP65 Housing Launched

Xiamen, China, Nov 11, 2021, Bivocom, a leading wireless solution provider for IoT and M2M, today has officially launched its IP65 housing for TR321 IoT Router, to provide indoor and outdoor protection for waterproof applications for ever-changing IoT application.   Bivocom TR321 is a compact design IoT Router, supports global 4G LTE, or LTE-M/NB-IoT, and […]
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Confidential_TR321-M for power meter2

Bivocom TR321 Certified with Schneider EasyLogic PM2230

Bivocom’s Industrial 4G LTE IoT Router TR321-LF and LTE CAT M1/NB-IoT Router TR321-M have been successfully certified with Schneider EasyLogic PM2230 power meter, helping the power company to remotely monitor the usage of current, voltage and power quality analysis.   Application and Diagram Customer is looking for an industrial cellular router or modem to help […]
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Bivocom Helps A Barge Company To Secure Operation Remotely

Bivocom TR321 industrial 4G router has helped a barge company in South America to transfer the video stream to a remote server, to ensure the safe and secure operation of the barge. TR321 Compact and secure 4G router for digital signage, vending and IP Camera ● 4G, LTE CAT M1/NB-IoT for option ● OpenWRT based, […]
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IoT helps to keep waterways safe

Bivocom’s floating buoys based real-time water quality monitor system helps to keep our rivers, lakes, and oceans safe, as well as delivering a healthier and better quality marine farmed products. The system is driven by a water quality sensor, IoT technology, cloud platform, and powered by the solar panel.
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Bivocom brings colorful lights to the city

Year of the Rat is coming, while the Bivocom team is still working on a smart city project, which will bring colorful and live lights to all the high rise buildings in a city, central part of China. The project is to welcome and celebrate the coming new year. Happy Chinese New Year to everyone, […]
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TR321 used for smart LED

TR321 for Smart LED Display

Bivocom 4G router TR321 has been used for smart LED display of building and shopping center in Wuhan city of Hubei province in China. The Bivocom TR321 has been used to monitor power management of the onsite controller via RS232, and RJ45 is connected to the media converter for video or content display. ● 4G, […]
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IoT lead to connected and smarter buildings

The IoT technologies have changed the world a lot, and that also includes building. Nowadays, commercial buildings are in every corner of the city worldwide, and it has been one of the landscapes for the city, to make the building more ‘commercial’ and bring a beautiful landscape to the city and its people, the building […]
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