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Revolutionize Air Compressor Monitoring with Bivocom IoT Router TR321

Revolutionize Air Compressor Monitoring with Bivocom IoT Router TR321   In an era driven by data and connectivity, the need for efficient monitoring and management of industrial equipment is more critical than ever. Air compressors, integral to many manufacturing processes, require continuous oversight to ensure optimal performance and prevent unwarranted downtime. Bivocom, a leading provider […]
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4 Steps to Set Up RTC Time on Industrial IoT Router TR321

This quick guide tells you how to set up RTC time on Bivocom industrial IoT router TR321 in just 4 steps. Before we get started, let’s figure out what is RTC(real time clock). 1. What is RTC? An RTC(real time clock) is built in electronic devices including IoT sensor, IoT router, gateways, RTUs, and computers, […]
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How to Transfer the Data from RTU to IoT Router?

How to transfer the data from your field RTU to an IoT Router via RS232/RS485 transmission mode or MQTT mdoe?  This article may help you. Example: Below are questions from a customer who wants to upgrade its field RTU data to cloud by using a 4G IoT router.   I have a question to ask […]
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Industrial router 2-LAN TR321 bivocom

3 Steps to Upgrade Firmware on IoT Router

Bivocom IoT Router supports firmware upgrade via WEB UI, this quick guide tells you how to quickly upgrade firmware to Bivocom IoT Router TR321 in just 3 steps.   Note: As different hardware version may require different firmware version, so please contact Bivocom support team([email protected]) before you upgrade the firmware yourself, and check the label […]
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How to Get Serial Data from IoT Router?

In this article, we’ll show you how to enable serial ports(RS232, RS485) and get serial data from Bivocom IoT router. All Bivocom Routers TR321 and TR341, and gateways TG451, TG452, TG453, TG462, TG463 comes with serial ports, so the guide is applicable to all these models unless the RS232 is used as debug port.   […]
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SMS reboot Router

How to use SMS to remotely set up your 4G IoT Router?

Have you ever thought about remotely configuring and setting up your IoT router by using SMS? In this article, we’re going to share with you some quick guide to reboot your IoT router, and check the signal strength, set up VPN(L2TP, PPTP) and firmware upgrade via sending SMS remotely.   Most customers remotely configure their […]
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How to Enable Port Forward on IoT Router?

Have you ever wonder what is port forward on IoT router, and why we need port forward, what is used for? Let’s bring these question to read this article, which will tell you more about port forward, and how to enable port forward on IoT router, as well as 2 examples of configure port forward […]
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How IoT Helps to Transform the Solar Power System?

Solar Power is one of the green and renewable energies that has been widely used by energy companies worldwide to generate electricity for residential, commercial and industrial users. With the fast-growing deployment of Solar Power System globally, especially, countries like China, Japan, USA, Germany, India, Italy, UK, Australia, France and South Korea, the IoT technology […]
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Bivocom IP65 Router RTU 1

TR321 IoT Router with IP65 Housing Launched

Xiamen, China, Nov 11, 2021, Bivocom, a leading wireless solution provider for IoT and M2M, today has officially launched its IP65 housing for TR321 IoT Router, to provide indoor and outdoor protection for waterproof applications for ever-changing IoT application.   Bivocom TR321 is a compact design IoT Router, supports global 4G LTE, or LTE-M/NB-IoT, and […]
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