TR321 IoT Router with IP65 Housing Launched

Xiamen, China, Nov 11, 2021, Bivocom, a leading wireless solution provider for IoT and M2M, today has officially launched its IP65 housing for TR321 IoT Router, to provide indoor and outdoor protection for waterproof applications for ever-changing IoT application.


Bivocom TR321 is a compact design IoT Router, supports global 4G LTE, or LTE-M/NB-IoT, and it comes with 1-RS232, 1-RS485 and 2-RJ45 Ethernet ports(10/100MB), that allows IoT developers to connect the serial port and ethernet ports sensors, controllers, PLC to router. In addition, it has rich industrial protocols, such as Modbus RTU/TCP, MQTT, JSON, TCP/UDP, easily help to convert the data format and transfer to remote cloud IoT platform. Besides, it has option of 2.4G WIFI supports captive portal for WIFI advertisement and radius WIFI field router maintenance. What’s more, it supports multiple VPN protocols, includes, PPTP, L2TP, IPsec, GRE, OpenVPN, providing secure VPN tunnel for data transmission.


While as the standard housing of TR321 is IP30 only, that has limited its usage for IoT applications that require waterproof housing, so the aluminum designed IP65 housing will definitely help to withstand dirt, dust, debris and low-pressure water jets.


Bivocom TR321 IoT router has been widely used for IP camera, EV charger, digital signage, automatic meter reading, air compressor remote monitor and control, etc. It’s designed upon OpenWRT Linux OS, providing Python/C/C++ programming for IoT developers and engineers.

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