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industrial 5G NR IoT gateway

5G Remote-Controlled Forklift Improves Productivity and Safety

Bivocom, China Unicom and Noblelift have successfully demonstrated a 5G remote-controlled self-driving forklift in Zhejiang, China. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology such as 5G, AI, big data, IoT, laser positioning, IoT camera sensor, the operator was able to remote control the forklift in real time to dispatch the materials from location A to B. Besides, […]
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Bivocom new office

Big Progress Bivocom Moved to Our Own New Office

What a special day for Bivocom! Bivocom moved to its own new office on Nov 11, 2020. Although this is the fourth time we changed our office in 6 years, that also means our growth never stops, our willingness to make great products and offer great support to the market never stop. Great thanks to […]
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Bivocom Smart Pole

Smart Poles Makes a Bright, Secure, Smart Park

Bivocom has installed 100 smart poles for a park in Southeastern China, bringing the citizen a bright, secure, clean, and smart park. Smart poles can be installed in street of city, roadside of highway, trail of park, or bus station, bringing us a bright, secure, clean and smart city. And the smart pole requires a […]
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Bivocom Helps A Barge Company To Secure Operation Remotely

Bivocom TR321 industrial 4G router has helped a barge company in South America to transfer the video stream to a remote server, to ensure the safe and secure operation of the barge. TR321 Compact and secure 4G router for digital signage, vending and IP Camera ● 4G, LTE CAT M1/NB-IoT for option ● OpenWRT based, […]
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Romania_Liquid CO2_TD210

Bivocom Helps to Monitor Storage Tank of Liquid CO2

What is liquid carbon Dioxide? Liquid carbon dioxide is carbon dioxide gas that is highly compressed and cooled to a liquid form.   What is liquid carbon dioxide used for? Liquid CO2 has been used in many industries, including Food and beverage industry, Water treatment industry, Metal fabrication, Nurseries, Pulp and paper industry.   How liquid […]
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Bivocom Helps Indonesia Telcos to Remote Monitor Facilities

Bivocom TG451 IoT Gateway is used to monitor the temperature, humidity, fuel, and flow of genset and diesel tank of Indonesia Telco’s onsite facilities. The Bivocom TG451 is an industrial IoT gateway comes with rich I/O, RS232, RS485, RJ45, DI, DO(Relay), USB port, idea for types of sensors connect to one device, it supports MQTT, […]
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Bivocom IoT and RFID Technology Empowers Irrigation

Bivocom’s customized RTU TJ710 has been used for the irrigation of agriculture in Xinjiang, China. TJ710 is a 4G RTU with rich I/O and RFID enabled, allows the water department to remote monitor and control the status of water usage and operation of the pump, and farmer can use an RFID card to pay for […]
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Industrial Area VOC Monitor and Alarm Solution

Bivocom 4G MQTT modem TD210 helps the Environment Department to monitor VOC(Volatile organic compounds) in the industrial area. TD210 is an industrial MCU built-in cellular modem that provides robust and reliable 4G/3G connectivity, capable of converting Modbus to JSON and transfer the data over MQTT.
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bivocom-rtu-tg501-used-for-gas-alarm-and-monitor-system tg501-gas

Bivocom RTU TG501 Used For Gas Alarm And Monitor System

Bivocom RTU TG501 has been used for gas monitor and alarm systems of China Resources Gas, helping the gas company to monitor the temperature, pressure, and flow rate of gas pipeline. TG501 is a compact design RTU, supports rich I/O: RS232, RS485, Digital input, analog input, relay output, and power output, ideal for the application […]
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