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Bivocom wildfire early warning

Bivocom 5G/4G IoT Gateway Empowers The Early Wildfire Alarm

According to a report, forests cover about 3.9 billion hectares (or 9.6 billion acres) which is approximately 30% of the world’s land surface. But one of the biggest threats faced by these natural areas is wildfire devastation, and the unfortunate reality is that most of these areas are unprotected or without proper monitoring. To reduce […]
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Webinar Training-Introducing Bivocom Product Portfolio

Bivocom is going to have a webinar training for global certified partners April 14, 2020, and the training will last for 60mins, including Q&A.   During this training session, Bivocom product manager Harry Huang will introduce Bivocom existing product portfolio, benefits and advantages of choosing Bivocom. Besides, he will also unveil some new products.   […]
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Plug and Play TG462S with Cabinet Launched

Xiamen, China, March 20, 2020, Bivocom Technologies, a leading wireless solution provider for IoT and M2M has launched a plug and play TG462S touch screen edge gateway with cabinet, to meet the increasing needs for total solution from specific industries and customers.   The whole package includes TG462S touch screen edge gateway, Industrial power adapter, […]
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Embedded Cellular Modem TD221 Launched

March 16, 2020, Xiamen, China, Bivocom, a global leading wireless solution provider of IoT and M2M, has officially launched its embedded cellular modem TD221, to meet the ever-changing needs of customized IoT applications that requires a compact and powerful cellular serial modem for embedding to field sensors, meters, controllers, etc.   Highlights of TD221   […]
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cellular-modems industrial-modem-td210

MQTT/Modbus Master firmware released on TD210

March 1, 2020, Xiamen China, Bivocom, a global leading wireless solution provider for IoT and M2M applications, has released its new firmware version 1.04 for industrial cellular modem TD210 to support MQTT and Modbus Master. What makes that different from standard firmware version? The standard firmware on TD210 supports transparent data transmission over TCP/UDP/IP protocols, […]
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Innovative and smart pump solution

In most parts of Southeast Asia, the monsoon rains usually fall between June to October, and the sustaining heavy rain during the rainy season sometimes cause flood disaster and damages to the cities and villages, so the local government has been trying their best find the solutions to protect their citizen and reduce damage. Below […]
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IoT helps to keep waterways safe

Bivocom’s floating buoys based real-time water quality monitor system helps to keep our rivers, lakes, and oceans safe, as well as delivering a healthier and better quality marine farmed products. The system is driven by a water quality sensor, IoT technology, cloud platform, and powered by the solar panel.
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