Smart and Sponge City

China’s rapid urbanization in the past decades has changed people’s life and economy, however, it also brings some trouble and pressure to the city management national wide, such as urban flooding, polluted water, less water supply, degradation of urban ecosystems and green areas. To solve those issues, in 2014, the Sponge City” concept was initiated by Chinese government, moreover and the Chinese government has chosen 16 pilot cities, and allocated hundreds of million YUAN for each of the city for the implementation of innovative water management strategies that would gradually transform these cities into “Sponge Cities”.

Xiamen is one of 16 pilot cities, and trying to be one of pioneers for being a ‘Sponge City’. Recently, the Bivocom RTU TY511 has been used for Xiamen’s ‘Sponge City’ project, by using TY511, different types of sensors and controllers, such as water level, air quality and water pump can be connected into one TY511, to remote monitor and control the system, this has saved lots of cost for the system integrator, easy and convenient for user to manage the system.

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