Bivocom launches smart EV Charging station

According to an industry report, China has been the largest EV(Electric Vehicle) market in the world, in 2018, about 1.25 million new energy vehicles were sold in China, which accounts for 62.5% of worldwide market share. Both traditional and startup carmakers are investing more and more money and resources on designing and manufacturing Electric Vehcile, which also including big player Telsa, who also started to build its China Super factory in Shanghai last year, and what does this mean to IoT and M2M industry?

With the rapid growth of electric vehicles, the market demand for EV charging station is also increasing. There are thousands of EV charging stations are built in China every year, while as Chinese people most use Alipay or Wechat Pay for daily life, so, in order to make a smart EV charging station, Bivocom has worked with partner to launched a total solution, which is convenient for user to charge their vehicles, and easy for charger companies to remote monitor and manage their stations anywhere and anytime.

ev charging station
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