IoT lead to connected and smarter buildings

The IoT technologies have changed the world a lot, and that also includes building.
Nowadays, commercial buildings are in every corner of the city worldwide, and it has been one of the landscapes for the city, to make the building more ‘commercial’ and bring a beautiful landscape to the city and its people, the building company is looking for a solution to make the idea come true.

Thanks to the IoT technology, we can make the buildings smarter and connect them.
The idea is to make a control system that includes LED digital signage system and LED lighting show system, and the digital signage allows the media company to push advertisement video and contents, while for the LED lighting show system, this gives the buildings live, it can make the build colorful and beautiful. Because the building could be in different places, so a remote control system is required to run all the buildings anywhere and anytime, so the 4G industrial IoT router is integrated in the system, to allow the PC or PLC and media converter system, and exchange the data with the remote cloud server, as well as receive commands to control the front field system.

The Bivocom TR321 is an industrial 4g router, support 2 Ethernet ports, 1-RS232, 1-RS485 and WIFI, the compact design with DIN rail or wall mount is easy to integrate to the system, and has the interfaces to connect to the field devices, WIFI with radius is secure and convenient for maintenance.

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