Label of Bivocom TD210, TW810, TR321, TR341 and TG451 Changed

Dear Valued Global Partners and Customers,


Due to Bivocom’s company VI(Virtual Identity) strategy adjustment and office change, Bivocom has decided to upgrade its main label of cellular modems TD210, TW810 series, cellular IoT routers TR321, TR341 series, as well as cellular IoT gateways TG451 series from May 1, 2021. Please note that this is just for label change, but not related to any hardware, quality and features change. Besides, this main label change doesn’t include OEM/ODM label. Before the new label transition starts, Bivocom will continue to use the old label until it’s been run out.


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Bivocom sales representatives or email us at [email protected]


What are the differences between new and old main label?


The main label will show product series only, such as TR321(picture with B), but not model No. TR321-LF(picture with A), for model No. and part number, as well as serial number, these info will be print on secondary label, such as below.


Bivocom Marketing Team

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