IOT Technology for Smart Irrigation Application

Solution of Automatic Irrigation in Agriculture Field

Irrigation is the key link of agricultural production and an important means to guarantee the development of agriculture. However, some areas in the world still use traditional artificial irrigation, which is not only inefficient but also causes resources waste and manpower consumption. Under the circumstances, Bivocom deeply integrates agricultural automation and irrigation water-saving technology, and applies it to agricultural automatic irrigation solutions. It can irrigate precisely for crops according to the water demand, water consumption law and soil temperature and humidity, so as to improve agricultural production efficiency and the development of water-saving agriculture.


System Solution

Bivocom automated irrigation solution for agriculture with the IoT, big data, cloud computing, 5G communication and other high-tech are highly integrated. It adopts the remote measurement and control terminal TY511, and connects it with sensors such as water tank level meter, water meter, valve control terminal and rain meter. What’s more, communication networks such as 5G, NB-IoT, Beidou and ZigBee will be used for connectivity. Meanwhile, the Bivocom’s engineers built an agricultural automatic irrigation management platform highly suitable for the use of water departments at all levels to achieve multi-level business coordination among provinces, cities, townships and counties.


System Composition

  1. Valve Control

The valve can be automatically opened or closed by local or remote control according to the user’s water demand and water payment.

  1. Automatic Charge for Water Intake

Users log in to the app through their mobile phones, scan the QR code, and input the corresponding water intake. After the platform obtains the device ID and water withdrawal, the payment can be calculated according to the water price of the current site. Based on the amount paid by the user, the platform sends the water-taken order to the controller which opens the water-taken valve for user.

  1. Device Monitoring

The automatic opening of water intake valve, automatic control, and remote transmission can be realized through the water meter, controller, valve, water tank input level meter, and other supporting equipment.


Production Recommendation

Bivocom agricultural remote monitoring terminal TY511 integrates image, local storage and remote control, adopts 4G/LTE-M/NB-IoT communication technologies, and realizes intelligent monitoring functions such as agricultural irrigation data collection, image storage, display, control, alarm, and transmission.

  1. Intelligent Control

The metering and management of agricultural irrigation water is realized by connecting the on-site water meter, controller, valve, tank level meter, and other supporting equipment through TY511.

  1. Flexible Networking

Wireless communication technology is used to realize the wireless LAN networking of controller, valve and TY511. TY511 communicates with the WAN of the center through 4G/LTE-M/NB-IoT, and then realizes the remote control of the valve on site.

  1. Intelligent Monitoring

Scientific data is provided for crop irrigation through intelligent detection of soil moisture, temperature, and humidity, as well as the farm surrounding environment.

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