Air pollution automatic monitoring and alarm IoT solution

Environmental protection has been a hot topic in recent years. Paying attention to environmental protection and protecting the environment will leave a more beautiful and better living space for our future generations. Nowadays, with the vigorous development of scientific and technological manufacturing and demand for diverse products, air pollution has become more and more serious. Because of this, environment departments worldwide have been taking actions to protect the environment, including released new laws and build the automatic monitoring of air pollution, to achieve early detection and early treatment to ensure a clean environment.

4G RTU Based Air Pollution Automatic Monitoring Solution

The air pollution automatic monitoring program under the environmental data acquisition instrument continuously monitors the main pollutants (sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, etc.), evaluates the air quality; collects and monitors the precipitation pH value; grasps the atmospheric wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, Atmospheric data such as air pressure, precipitation, and sunshine time. The data is uploaded to the cloud platform through wireless communication equipment, and the data is visually managed. Multiple management departments can simultaneously grasp the air monitoring situation in real time, and rely on big data analysis to provide decision-making basis for environmental pollution control.

Air pollution automatic monitoring and alarm IoT solution

Field Data Acquisition: various sensors detect pollutants, ph value, and weather data.

Data Transmission: Bivocom TY511, the core of automatic monitoring of air pollution, through 4g/3g/2g wireless network for data acquisition and transmission at the edge where type of sensors connected to TY511, realizing remote measurement, remote control, and remote signaling.

Data Center: data monitoring and analysis, exception handling, remote device management configuration.

Bivocom 4G RTU TY511-Environmental protection data acquisition instrument for automatic monitoring of air pollution 

Comply with various environmental protection data collection requirements, as well as “Pollutant Online Automatic Monitoring (Monitoring) System Data Transmission Standard” (HJ 212-2017) and (HJ 212-2005) in China and customizable protocols from global market, suitable for environmental and pollution source online monitoring equipment monitoring data collection , storage and transmission. It is widely used in environmental protection monitoring fields such as VOCs online monitoring system, pollution source online monitoring, exhaust gas online monitoring, water pollution traceability monitoring, and ecological environment quality.


  1. Rich IO for diverse sensors and equipments, such as RS232, RS485, DI, DO, Relay, Pulse input, SDI-12, etc.
  2. Support Modbus RTU, MQTT protocol.
  3. Wide temperature resistant (-35°C to 75°C), wide voltage input (5V-35VDC), moisture-proof, lightning-proof, and anti-electromagnetic interference ability to adapt to various harsh environments.
  4. Multiple detection mechanisms, for instance self-repair of operating failures; three-level watchdog detection mechanism, intelligent software wake-up and hardware power-off restart mechanism, automatic device reset; PPP layer heartbeat, KeepAlive, TCP heartbeat link detection mechanism, automatic network failurerestore, disconnect and reconnect to ensure that the device is permanently online.
  5. Equipment failure alarms, improve the online rate of equipment in remote areas; support remote parameter configuration (support platform configuration mode and SMS configuration mode at the same time); support regular collection and reporting to the central platform; support remote real-time data, historical data query and local export of historical data.

Similary pruduct

TG501 Mini RTU

In addition

Air pollution automatic monitoring cloud platform  

Air pollution automatic monitoring cloud platform mainly includes the infrastructure layer, data layer, service layer, application layer, access and display layer, etc., centralized visual display of environmental protection elements and dynamic layer screening. Realize intuitive and unified visual analysis and display, and provide comprehensive, timely and accurate information services for environmental protection.

Above all, Bivocom provides support of integrating third party IoT platform, or providing customized private IoT platform for customers.

Air pollution automatic monitoring and alarm IoT solution


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