How IoT Empowers Transmission Line Monitoring

In this article, we’re going to share with you cases of how IoT helps to empower the transmission line monitoring for power utility.


With the development of society, Mechanization, life electrification, people’s electricity consumption is increasing every year.

The transmission lines are an important part of the National Power Grid. However, due to the transmission lines usually spans hundreds of kilometers, they are very susceptible to various environmental factors and causes power failures.

In this instance, it is necessary to monitor the operation status of transmission lines on a regular basis. However, there are many disadvantages and inconvenience in the conventional manual inspection of transmission lines. For example, transmission lines have large span and complicated topography, and too many parameters of line state, ect, which are not easy to discover manually, nor grasp the state of the line in time. Therefore, an automatic, accurate, real-time monitoring mode is requested to realize monitoring and management of transmission line status day and night.

Power transmission line with ice


System Composition

The system mainly adopts wireless 4G/3G/GSM/GPRS to monitor the environmental temperature, humidity, wind speed, ice covering, transmission line temperature, galloping, the inclination of the tower, etc., in order to ensure the safety of transmission line.

The entire system are mainly including following components.

  1. Air Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  2. Vibrates Sensor
  3. Wind speed and direction sensor
  4. Water Covering Controller
  5. Transmission line temperature sensor
  6. Bivocom industrial 4G/3G/2G DTU or router
  7. Remote data server center or cloud for scheduling and analysis; Mainly responsible for the analysis and management of the original data, and system analysis results display, processing.


Topology Drawing

1. Bivocom Industrial 3G/4G/ NB-IoT/LTE CAT M1 (LTE-M) modem Solution

2. Bivocom Industrial 3G/4G router Solution


Solution Benefits

1. Automatic monitoring saves the operation company’s lots of labor cost, operation cost and maintenance costs.

2. It can cover all the monitoring area and eliminate the blind spot of manual monitoring.

3. Real time monitoring that will not be affected by the status and time of the equipment running.

4. The system detection has the authenticity, which eliminates the misjudgment and estimation that the manual patrol inspection may occur.


Solution Cases


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