High-rise Building Booster Pump Monitor


When it comes water supply for high-rise buildings, such as residential, commercialor hotel, a water booster pump system is required to ensure the reliable pressure and flow values for water supply at any given time. While normally the water supply company has national wide booster pump system network in different locations and regions, which they need to monitor the pressure, water flow, water quality of tank, so it’s a big challenge for them to maintain and manage the whole system.


The IoT and wireless technology has helped the water company to solve this issue.

First of all, a booster pump system may include booster pump, water tank and control room.

There are PLC, sensors and IP camera onsite, to connect to Bivocom industrial 4G router TR321, which has Ethernet ports and serial port RS232/RS485. The sensors are to monitor to the water level and water quality, flow of water tank, and PLC connect to Bivocom Ethernet ports or RS232, an IP camera are also installed onsite to monitor the pump room, all the data from PLC and sensors, IP camera will be sent to remote control room from Bivocom TR321 via 4G LTE network.


Models to Recommend

  1. TR321

1-RS232, 1-RS485, 2-ETH port, VPN, MQTT, TCP/UDP

  1. TD210

1-RS232, 1-RS485, MQTT, APN, TCP/UDP



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