Bivocom Launched LTE CAT 1 Modems and Routers

April 30, 2022, Xiamen, China, Bivocom, a leading wireless solution provider of IoT and M2M,  has launched its LTE CAT 1 Modem and Router, a supplement to its 4G LTE CAT 4, LTE CAT M1 and NB-IoT version of TD210 and TR321, bringing more choices to customers for diverse IoT applications.


TD210 is an industrial MCU based serial modem, supports RS232, RS485, and industrial protocols Modbus, MQTT, TCP/UDP, with hardware and software watchdog built in, to ensure a reliable and stable connectivity with cloud IoT platform, which is an ideal solution for power meter reading, water level, gas pipeline, temperature and humidity monitor application.


TR321 is a compact design IoT router, based openwrt Linux OS, comes with RJ45, RS232, RS485, WIFI, GNSS, supports VPN(PPTP, L2TP, IPsec, OpenVPN, GRE), MQTT, Modbus RTU/TCP, TCP/UDP, HTTPS protocol, is a cost effective IoT router for industrial IoT, such as, smart EV charger, solar power, genset monitor, power meter reading, IP camera, vending machine, air compressor, PLC remote control, etc.


You may wonder what is LTE CAT 1, and what are the differences between LTE CAT 4 and LTE CAT M1/NB-IoT? How to choose the right solution for IoT application?

This article may help you to understand more about their differences, after that, you’ll have idea of what application to choose LTE CAT 1 modem, router, and LTE CAT 4 or CAT M1, NB-IoT modem and router.

What Do You Know About LTE Cat 1 in IoT



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