Rural Wastewater Treatment System



With the progress of urbanization, rural wastewater treatment is an important part of new rural construction in China. More than 90% of the domestic sewage or fecal wastewater is directly discharged into underground or lake, rivers. The eutrophication of Taihu Lake and Dianchi Lake is partly from rural sewage.


The random discharge of rural sewage and the use of dry toilets have caused water pollution in rivers, lakes, and underground water, etc. The treatment of rural sewage can not only improve the rural living environment but also control water pollution in the basin and eutrophication of the lake, and improve the water environment. Besides, the treated reclaimed water is used for agricultural irrigation to alleviate the shortage of agricultural water.


As a leading wireless solution provider of IoT and M2M, Bivocom launched a rural sewage treatment system solution to help rural sewage treatment and improve the water quality environment.


Scheme principle


The rural sewage treatment scheme is a system platform based on the Internet of Things technology. During the sewage treatment process, the automatic control system comes from the perception layer equipment (sensors), network layer equipment and application layer to build. The sensing layer equipment monitors the various indexes of sewage, and the network layer device uploads the data of the sensing layer device to the application layer device, and then the application layer device performs related processing on the data. Through real-time detection and control of the complete set of rural sewage treatment equipment at the corresponding locations, the purpose of purifying, filtering, treating and discharging rural sewage is achieved, and the homes of farmers are green.


System composition


1, Equipment composition: rural sewage treatment equipment includes (sewage collection, sewage treatment, clean water discharge) three systems.


  1. The intelligent control system consists of water quality sensors, water pump, air pump, fan remote control switch; GPS positioning module; TG462 industrial-grade IoT edge gateway or TY 511 remote measurement and control terminal, acquisition and control intelligent terminal and other components.


  1. The system network diagram is as follows:

Platform functions


4.1 Real-time monitoring


Through the system monitoring interface, you can view the equipment on-site working conditions, online detection of water quality and other data in real time, and automatically optimize process control. Real-time or inquire on-site conditions through video surveillance software.


4.2 Alarm Management


The alarm conditions of the equipment can be viewed through the alarm platform and processed and registered on the platform according to the alarm conditions. The alarm platform can push the alarm data of the corresponding responsible person to the mobile phone APP of the responsible person according to the device permissions, thereby achieving efficient maintenance.


4.3 Statistical analysis


It is easy to statistically query rural sewage treatment data, and the query results can be printed and previewed and output in EXCEL format. The query function of historical data and the historical curve helps the staff to compare and analyze historical data.


4.4 Inspection management


1) Inspection records: Inspection personnel perform inspection tasks and regularly report the inspection position through the APP. The background records form the inspection trajectory.


2) Inspection problem management: The inspection personnel report feedback problems and requirements through the APP, which is convenient for problem tracking and management.


3) Inspection statistics: Data analysis of inspection records and generation of inspection reports by inspection personnel.



4.5 Remote maintenance


Through the system’s control interface, you can directly press the button or fill in the parameters to issue instructions to the remote equipment, so as to optimize the process parameters and equipment parameters and to run and test the equipment and start and stop the switch. This system can be used for remote diagnosis, remote debugging and remote downloading of programs to the on-site electrical control system.


● 2-RS232, 2-RS485, 8-DI, 8-DO, 8-ADC,
● 2-Pulse, 3-Power output, 1-SD slot
● Supports up to 16MB data storage and additional SD card data storage(Up to 16G)
● LCD display of data and configuration*
● Modbus TCP/RTU, MQTT, TCP/UDP protocols
● SMS alarm and AT command
● 4G LTE or 3G for option


● High-performance ARM-based CPU
● 2-RJ45, 4-RS232, 3-RS485, 4-DI, 8-ADC,   4-Relay, 5-Power Output, 1-I2C, 1-TTL, USB
● 7” HD Touch screen (Only for TG462S)
● Up to 1GB flash, 1-Micro SD card supports up to 32GB data and program storage
● LTE CAT 6/CAT4* provides ample bandwidth for high data demand
● GPS* and WIFI*
● Capacity of collecting, processing and storing data locally, and transferring the data over cellular network
● Easy to use and program the gateway, customizable for your applications
● Secondary Customization and OEM/ODM are available
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